Greetings First Call,

I wanted you to know Tom and I have finally made it back to Washington. Your girls took such good care of both of us after the accident. I also want you to know that we couldn’t have made it home without the support from everyone in your office. Thank you for everything you and your staff did for us.

Blessings, UK & TK

Dear First Call,

Thank you so much for the care you gave my Father. Knowing each day that he was being cared for by such kind people meant a great deal to my siblings and me. We can never thank you enough for all you did in showing Dad the respect he so deserved. May God Bless you all.

Sincerely, BLP and family

Sincere Thanks to First Call

You took such good care of my Grandmother and gave her so much kindness and attention that my family and I feel entirely blessed to have called you. Your nurses were always respectful not only to her needs, but to anything she requested beyond what you were required to do for her. Grandmother loved her nurses. In fact, she always told us about how sweet “her“ nurses were.

Please see that each of her nurses see this thank you note and share the box of cookies with the entire First Call office. We so appreciate everything you have done and will spread the word that First Call is the very best.

Thank you all, CAH, CLD and CJG

First Call Helped Keep Our Family Together

Please post this in your office so that anyone who comes in can see what a difference you have made in our family.

A.R, my daughter, was born with severe health problems and requires constant attention for her physical needs. Because of the financial burden of living on only my husband's income, we decided I needed to go back to work to help with the costs of keeping A.R. at home. My best friend's mom recommended that I get in touch with First Call for A.R.'s care when I am out of the house. When I called First Call, the lady who answered the phone was so kind and understanding of my situation. She took my information and set up an appointment for that afternoon with the Clinical Director. Your Clinical Director, Mary, came to our home, did her assessment of A.R. and assured me that First Call could provide the services my daughter needed. She contacted the case manager at my insurance company and worked out all the issues so I could be confident I would have care for my daughter.

I am now working full time outside of the home. It was a difficult transition for me to leave my daughter every day, but First Call has made things so much more bearable and I never worry that my daughter isn't being properly cared for when I am gone. First Call is doing an excellent job providing home care to A.R. and my family can stay together at home.

Thank you to each staff member who has helped in getting our lives back on track. We couldn’t have done it without you!

A grateful family, Michelle R.